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Dr. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the best and leading dermatologists in South Mumbai . With many years of experience in this field, this doctor has made a recognizable name within and beyond the vicinity.

Dr. Rashmi Jain’s Clinic is the ultimate option to get the most effective and best treatment for skin , hair n aesthetic treatments in South Mumbai. We recognize that everyone is different, and so is the form of body & skin, so we strive to bring all our experience & Skills  into the best approach to care that can be done. Using the latest technology, we believe in providing rapid & effective skin & hair care. This doctor has built a recognizable reputation inside and outside the vicinity with several years of experience in this area. This medical practitioner has gained a considerable amount of expertise in the field after having studied at reputed institutes and trained at immensely prominent centers. The doctor has catered to the needs of patients in the most outstanding way since the advent of private practice in South Mumbai. This doctor is known for keeping up-to-date with the latest inventions in medical research in order to provide the best and highest quality care for patients.

Skin Specialist in South Mumbai