Dermatologist and cosmetologist in South Mumbai
Dermatologist in South Mumbai

Dr. Rashmi Jain- Skin Specialist, Dermatologist and cosmetologist in South Mumbai

Dr. Rashmi Jain is a Leading Dermatologist, and Cosmetologist in Lalbaug Parel, South Mumbai. Dr. Rashmi Jain’s Clinic is the ultimate option to get the most effective and best treatment for skin, hair, and aesthetic treatments in South Mumbai. We recognize that everyone is different, and so is the form of body & skin, so we strive to bring all our experience & Skills into the best approach to care that can be done. Using the latest technology, we believe in providing rapid & effective skin & hair care. This doctor has built a recognizable reputation inside and outside the vicinity with several years of experience in this area and hence she is one of the Best Skin Specialist in Lalbaug Parel South Mumbai. This medical practitioner has gained a considerable amount of expertise in the field after having studied at reputed institutes and trained at immensely prominent centers. The doctor has catered to the needs of patients in the most outstanding way since the advent of private practice in South Mumbai. This doctor is known for keeping up-to-date with the latest inventions in medical research in order to provide the best and highest quality care for patients.

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Rashmi Jain is very knowledgeable, dedicated and her bedside manner is so welcoming. You feel reassured you will be well cared for by her competence and how much she enjoys working in her field. The staff is very nice and helpful. A very positive experience.


Dr. Rashmi Jain is friendly but professional. She really makes you feel comfortable. Have been to her several times – wouldn’t even think of going to anyone else.


Dermatologist and cosmetologist in South Mumbai


  • We treat the entire family, including men, women, children, and babies, for a wide range of potential skin disorders. Our Dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Lalbaug Parel, South Mumbai, diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions, from acne, uneven pigmentation, and rosacea on the face to skin cancer checks, psoriasis, and eczema on the body, whether minor or severe. A dermatologist is the best qualified specialist to handle any skin problem. Whatever your concern, we’re here to help.
  • The Skin Specialist in South Mumbai, takes great pleasure in offering the latest cosmetic wonders to treat age-related issues such as wrinkles, open pores, uneven pigmentation, and sagging facial muscles, and to offer you a more youthful and softer complexion.
Cosmetologists are trained to do things like trim and colour hair, do nails, provide basic skin care treatments like facials, and apply makeup, among other things. They can work in any setting where cosmetologists can, including medical spas and dermatologist’s offices.

The work of a dermatologist is usually separated into three categories. These are some of them:
1. Medical– A dermatologist can help you diagnose and treat skin problems. Plaque psoriasis, rosacea, and acne are examples of this. A dermatologist can also detect symptoms on your skin that may indicate the presence of other health problems. Itchy, dry skin, for example, can sometimes indicate kidney difficulties.
2. Surgical procedures are performed– Minor surgery, such as the removal of moles or warts or the taking of skin samples, is performed by many dermatologists. Other dermatologists will focus on more complex procedures. The removal of benign cysts or skin cancer is one of these operations.
3. It’s purely cosmetic– A dermatologist can help you with skin problems that are affecting your look. Hair loss, dark patches, and wrinkles are examples of this. Many dermatologists are also trained to do cosmetic procedures. Fillers, chemical peels, and laser hair removal are among them.

Dermatologists can treat a wide range of skin, hair, and nail disorders. The following are a few of the most common conditions they treat:
Acne: A dermatologist can treat your acne with topical treatments, medicines, lasers or other light therapies, chemical peels, or the removal of large cysts, depending on the severity of your condition.
Skin cancer: Skin cancer can strike you at any time and on any part of your body. A dermatologist can remove cancer cells and keep an eye on you to ensure they don’t reappear.
Dermatitis: Dermatitis refers to a group of skin disorders that are characterized by inflammation and irritation. Eczema, cradle cap, and allergic reactions are examples.
Infections: Viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites can all enter your skin and cause a wide range of skin illnesses. A dermatologist can assist in determining the source of infections and prescribing appropriate treatment.
Hair loss: Hereditary baldness can cause hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, disease, and hormonal changes. A dermatologist can assist diagnose the underlying reason and, if possible, treat it.
Nail Problems: Dermatologists address spots, discoloration, and nail separation, which are all typical nail problems.

Improper or incomplete treatment can cause recurrence of fungal infection. A proper and complete treatment can always help to get rid of it.

An application of a Anesthetic cream helps to make skin numb and procedure becomes comfortable.

We can not say acne is curable. Acne is a multifactorial disease out of which most important cause is hormonal changes. Acne is treated so that it does not cause scars and pigmentation which are more difficult to treat. All regimes are tailor made. Better to consult a dermatologist and ger treated in time.

Scars of different ideology can be treated. The method of treatment depends on nature of scar. The aim of treatment should be near normal appearance at scar site as complete resolution of is seldom possible.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is very effective in regrowth of hairs n also prevents hair loss. It has a very important role in facial aesthetics too.